IDEXX InterLink Technology

IDEXX InterLink technology works with your Practice Information Management System (PIMS) to integrate your practice information.


IDEXX Laboratories has an open system philosophy. We design our products to connect with a variety of practice management software, so you can have all practice areas working seamlessly together for increased efficiency, better business and increased client loyalty.

What does it mean to be connected?

It is easier to manage your data and protect it from getting lost, misfiled or mistyped when your practice is connected, or integrated. But there's more to integration than just plugging an in-house diagnostic analyser into a workstation and downloading results into your practice management software.

Get connected today

IDEXX InterLink technology is now available for use.

Call +27 11 691 8200, or answer the questions below to receive your download link.

Interlink download

Please answer the following questions to receive your download link.