Minimum DataBase

Optimise your Minimum DataBase workflow

Get the complete picture of your symptomatic patient in less than 10 minutes

IDEXX makes it easy to carry out the Minimum DataBase in-house during the symptomatic patient visit. Running the Minimum DataBase takes less than 10 minutes, and it can be undertaken in parallel with the patient history and physical examination.

 By having results available to review during the same patient visit, you can engage pet owners by providing a patient report that you explain to them, allowing them to feel fully informed. You can also discuss next steps with your pet owner straightaway and commence treatment. This ensures that your patient receives the most efficient and effective management of their issue.

Streamline your Minimum DataBase testing for results in optimal time


  1. Start your requisition from your Practice Integrated Management Software

  2. Perform a Complete Chemistry + Complete Electrolytes with IDEXX Catalyst One

  3. Run a Complete Blood Count on your IDEXX ProCyte Dx or IDEXX LaserCyte Dx

  4. Perform all 3 parts of a Complete Urinalysis:

  5. Review your patient information on the integrated report, Share the results with your patient and colleagues with IDEXX VetConnect PLUS.


Connected practice

All IDEXX in-house analyzers can be connected to: 
  • The IDEXX VetLab Station and its single user-friendly touch screen that offers integrated results in one report that can be shared anywhere, anytime (paper/laptop/tablet/mobile)
  • VetConnect PLUS, which displays an online, whole-patient overview of your results on a single screen, including your in-house diagnostic data and any data from IDEXX Reference Laboratories for easier comparison and better ability to spot trends
  • Most practice management software systems

Minimum DataBase solutions

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