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Testing for Coliforms and E. coli
This course gives thorough background and guidance on testing for total coliforms and E. coli using IDEXX products. 

Testing for Enterococci with the Enterolert-DW Test
This course provides background and guidance on the revised European Drinking Water Directive and testing for enterococci using the IDEXX Enterolert-DW test. The course reviews the revised European Drinking Water Directive, including what it is, when it went into effect, and its impact on member states. An overview of enterococci and importance of testing and well as different types of testing methods, including Enterolert-DW, is also included in the course.  

Proficiency Testing Essentials (PT) 
This course provides high-level guidance on external quality assurance for water lab analysts. Topics include: the importance of PT testing, a brief primer on PT, PT scoring, and responding to PT scores.

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