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VetConnect PLUS

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IDEXX VetLab Station

Imaging all your diagnostic results in one convenient place


Collect, simplify and improve


Bring all your critical data together

Stop chasing results, charts, charges and fees. IDEXX can provide solutions to gather and organize all of your practice activities to clean up your veterinary surgery. No more chasing your tail for that lost item, check your software and find it anywhere and anytime.


Review your infomration in simple to interpret formats

Tired of finally receiving the key pieces of information for which you've been searching only to find that it doesn't make any sense? IDEXX can help you quickly see the trends and most pertinent portions of your surgery with the click of a button. From diagnostic trends to upcoming appointments to outstanding payments, IDEXX simplifies it for you.


Improve the health of your patients and your practice

Your patients need you and so does your business. IDEXX can help you with the right diagnoses for animals and for your vet surgery. Immediate access to results and quick reviews of trend graphs provide the ability for faster and clearer diagnoses. Electronic management of diaries, inventory, and outstanding patient balances mean that you can find the areas on which to focus your precious time for improvement. Marketing tools help to grow your surgery with more pets coming through the door.