The Complete Chemistry

See Completely with the Minimum DataBase

The Complete Chemistry profile is a critical component of the Minimum DataBase that provides specific information about the underlying health of the kidney, liver and pancreas, as well as other organ systems. It includes primary and secondary tests to evaluate these critical systems which play an essential role in helping us determine the patient’s health status.

Why is the Complete Chemistry profile an integral part of the Minimum DataBase?

The Complete Chemistry profile is a key-component of the Minimum DataBase because of the several purposes it serves:

  • Provides direction for further diagnostic investigation – “is there a single or multiple organ systems involved?” (Primary organ systems like kidney, liver, endocrine, gastrointestinal tract)
  • Provides an objective measure of the severity of specific organ system involvement
  • Provides an objective measure of the progression or regression of disease


Interpreting the Complete Chemistry profile results

Evaluation of your results is best approached by systematically examining specific groups of results together according to organ system.

Below is a sample report showing the results of the Complete Chemistry. Download the attached pdf and find out what type of information each of the parameters provides and which organ system it relates to.