Laboratory protocols

Protocol Number
ACTH Stimulation Test (Canine)* UK-LCS-EXT-11
ACTH Stimulation Test (Canine)(Depot)* UK-LC-EXT-3524
ACTH Stimulation Test (Feline)* WET-EXT-CLS-19
Assessment of Bleeding Disorders in Cats & Dogs UK-LCS-EXT-32
Bile Acid Stimulation Test WET-CLS-EXT-10
Blood Culture Bottle Instruction WET-SUP-PRE-1830
Bone Marrow Apirate Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-33
Canine Ovarian Remnant Syndrome Detection Protocol - Showing Signs UK-LCS-EXT-507
Canine Ovarian Remnant Detection - Not showing signs UK-LCS-SOP-508
Canine RIG Test Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-505
Canine Urine Concentration Test Protocol WET-CLS-EXT-34
Coagulation Test Protocol WET-HAE-FOR-2045
Equine Endogenous ACTH Assay Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-3221
Feline Dexamethason Suppression Test Protocol WET-LCS-EXT-18
Feline Ovarian Remnant Detection Protocol - Not showing signs UK-EXT-LCS-2854
Feline Ovarian Remnant Syndrom Detection Protocol - Showing Signs UK-LCS-EXT-506
Feline RIG Test Protocol UK-LCS-CLS-504
Fine Needle Aspiration Protocol WET-CLS-EXT-20
Gel Bottle Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-17
High Dose Dexamethasone Suppression Test Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-16
IDEXX Reference Laboratory Request Forms n/a
Low Dose Dexamethasone Suppression Test Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-12
Microbiology Protocols to Interpreting Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) UK-MAR-EXT-3381
Prostatic Massage Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-37
Reference Laboratory Requisitions Forms n/a
Synovial Fluid Aspiration Protocol UK-LCS-EXT-22
Tracheal Aspirate & Bronchiolar Lavage Protocol WET-CLS-EXT-36

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