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IDEXX's expert clinical pathologists .offer you accurate, timely and comprehensive cytology results to allow you to make a diagnosis with confidence. For critical cases, please indicate on the submission form and contact the pathologist to discuss.

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IDEXX's expert anatomical pathologists provide you with accurate, timely and comprehensive histopathology reports to allow you to make a confident diagnosis. For critical cases, please indicate on the submission form and contact the pathologist to discuss.

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Featured case

Oral cavity mass: melanoma or lymphoma?

From the oncologist: 
“It was the photo in the cytology report that convinced me I should biopsy.”

A dog that had a melanoma in the oral cavity and had been treated with radiation therapy some time ago re-presented to the oncologist for a second oral mass. The oncologist assumed the mass was another melanoma, and at that time, she sampled the mandibular lymph nodes, which were firm and prominent. Dr Jamie Haddad, a double-boarded anatomic and clinical pathologist at IDEXX, received that cytology, and it looked like lymphoma rather than melanoma, but she couldn’t rule out an unusual melanoma. The oncologist was going to assume the new oral mass was melanoma because of the history until she saw the digital image of the cytology specimen on IDEXX VetConnect PLUS and changed her mind. She biopsied the oral mass, and it proved to be a subtype of lymphoma, not melanoma.

Jamie Haddad, VMD, DACVP

Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist
Area(s) of interest: diagnostic pathology, bone marrow evaluation

Cytology image

Biopsy image taken through a microscope

Biopsy image

‡Indicates that this pathologist is double-boarded

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