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Computer monitor viewing a pathology image.

IDEXX Pathology Services

Gain access to the largest network of pathologists worldwide.

Take advantage of our expert clinical and anatomic pathologists’ expertise, which covers a broad range of species and organ systems.

Receive the most comprehensive and timely results with IDEXX Reference Laboratories’ cutting-edge technology, which complements the individual expertise of the pathologist and enables collaboration among specialists around the globe.

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Featured tests

Cytology tests

IDEXX's expert clinical pathologists .offer you accurate, timely and comprehensive cytology results to allow you to make a diagnosis with confidence.

Biopsy tests

IDEXX's expert anatomical pathologists provide you with accurate, timely and comprehensive histopathology reports to allow you to make a confident diagnosis.

Other specialty tests

Please refer to the Price-list or contact the laboratory to discuss more testing options.

Expert consultations

Your team of experts is just a call away, with pathologists always available for consultation.

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